Gym Xmas BBQ


This gym's Xmas BBQ is this weekend (Sat 5th @4:30pm).  

We decided to not risk the weather and relocated the Xmas BBQ to our house/garage (the old Bloody Nine Strength Squad Secret Training Facility).

We will buy a truck load of sausages and hamburger patties and two big ass salads and dessert..and a few slabs of beer, naturally.  Feel free to byo more protein and nibbles. Bring folding chairs and drinks.

We have a pool, so bring a towel and togs if you are up for it.   Bomb dives are allowed only with good posture and position...kept that chin tucked and toes forward. Tim the Dog will be running a Master Class at 3pm for those who need tips. 

BBQ in the garage/back deck and dance floor for Muzz inside. 

Don't forget to RSVP via the Members Forum so we know how many cubic metres of meat to purchase.


Ps. Must like dogs... we have three, two of which are friendly but excitable. The geriatric greyhound doesn't do anything.




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