North Queensland Animal Rescue Food Drive

The Xmas tree is up, but the presents aren't for us.  

We are conducting a food drive to support North Queensland Animal Rescue. The Xmas holiday period is a busy time of year for NQAR and they need all the help they can get. We've all heard the stories of dumped "presents" from thoughtless would-be dog owners.  [Rage building] But NQAR step into the breach with it's network of volunteers (like our very own Tenille) and foster carers (...again...Tenille), who take care of the furballs until they can be adopted.  

Tim the Dog was a beneficary of the great work by the NQAR crew...before he hit the doggie jackpot and got adopted by Nat

So please, don't forget to bring your dog food/toy donations to put under the tree for North Queensland Animal Rescue.  If you have any questions about NQAR speak to Tenille or visit

Use your power for good!!

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