Shoulder and Neck Seminar by Ryan Adam


Ryan Adam from Cairns Total Physio will be hosting a Shoulder and Neck Seminar at the box on Saturday the 27th from 10:30am to 12.  He will be covering common shoulder/neck issues, the causes and how to deal with them. (I am going to bet that butterfly pull ups aren't part of the solution


Ryan is a CrossFitter at the Dungeon and coaches Jui Jitsu at Destination Fitness, so he has a great understanding about what we do. 


To secure your spot please contact Ryan 0438963571 or via email email/ryno_mail)( . Please note, the usual team breakfast will be cancelled to allow you to get home shower and be back at the Box by 10:30. 


The Seminar will be free for CFCS members. $20 for non members.


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