Coaching Staff Addition: Krissy Black

This is a long overdue, but with great pleasure we would like to announce that Krissy Black will be joining the coaching team as an intern. 

Krissy started out like many of the early CrossFiters in Cairns at CrossFit Dungeon with Trev and Shazz.  She eventually found her way into the Bloody Nine Strength Squad where she established herself as not only an extremely strong woman, but one of the most technically proficient lifters going around.  Always insightful and on point with her training, she is always ready to help the lost, dazed and confused find their way (and that is just the coaches). 

Behind the scenes Krissy's support (along with Kongy) has been instrumental in us establishing and growing the CFCS family. 

Please join us in welcoming Krissy to the team.


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Lily on 19 Apr 2016
Way to go Krissy! We're proud of you both.

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