Why CrossFit Football?

CrossFit Football is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program designed for participants of sports requiring speed, strength and capacity.

The program uses multi-plane compound movements, sprint work, plyometric, and also has a high emphasis on strength training, after all, you can’t have the type of strength endurance needed for some CrossFit WOD’s or field sports without initial strength in the first place!

CrossFit Football – SWOD and DWOD explained

At CrossFit Coral Sea, we utilize the CrossFit Football method of breaking workouts into two sessions. A “SWOD” which is our Strength Workout of the Day and a “DWOD” which is our metabolic conditioning Daily Workout of the Day (yeah…apparently a John Welbourn Dad joke). Skills work and Iso-Stability, with a high emphasis on trunk (core) strength work is also included with each session.

CrossFit Football WOD’s usually have a few things in common. Firstly, the prescribed weights are generally a lot heavier than traditional CrossFit WOD’s. Long runs are replaced with shorter, more intense sprints. WOD’s will usually be shorter than traditional CrossFit WOD’s, with an optimal time frame of 7-12 minutes, but at a much higher intensity level, you will get very used to hearing terms like “as fast as possible” and AHAP “as heavy as possible”, all within the athletes abilities and limits. There is also an emphasis on work being “stop-start” and repeatable, meaning periods of hard work followed by short intermittent rest periods.

Why do we utilize the CrossFit Football methodology at CrossFit Coral Sea?

The long answer is “Because we are trying to get as strong as possible. And we are trying to get as fast as possible. Our ultimate goal is to build capacity at its highest level. This is done by combining strength training with sprinting, hard work and conditioning”.  CrossFit Football HQ.

Short answer:  “Because it works”. Everyone on the Program.

While we follow the CrossFit Football strength and conditioning programs and we focus on their WOD style, you will still get your Gymnastic skills sessions, endurance sessions and Chipper WODS  (usually Wednesdays and Saturdays) throughout the programs cycle as well so you are experiencing all parts of the CrossFit culture!

Scaling CrossFit Football

Just like traditional CrossFit training, all CrossFit Football training has the option of being scaled to the athletes abilities. All Strength WOD’s and Daily WOD’s are scaled to suit the individual needs of the athlete at CrossFit Coral Sea.  Beginner athletes, or those new to our programming at CrossFit Coral Sea use linear progression for their first few months of strength training. This means that the athlete will increase the weight lifted each session by small increments, always challenging the body and forcing it to grow strong, from there, more complex methods are used.

Even if you are not playing a sport, you will benefit dramatically from this style of training.

The results speak for themselves at CrossFit Coral Sea. We have seen results in all of our athletes, from beginners, mums and dads, AFL players, Representative Rugby League players, Outrigger canoeists, State level athletes in various disciplines, hardcore Cross-Fitters and everyone in between. Their results are a testament to these training methods and of course, the hard work put in by each and every one of the CrossFit Coral Sea community!

CrossFit Coral Sea currently is the ONLY CrossFit affiliate in Cairns utilizing the CrossFit Football Methodology

We are the only Affiliated CrossFit Box in Cairns that is a registered CrossFit Football Box on the CrossFit Football HQ website. All staff are required to hold the CrossFit Football Qualifications and are able to scale and individually tailor the CrossFit Football WOD’s to suit your personal requirements.

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